Ian Ivey
Business & organisational development, growth and strategic positioning
A brief summary of over 40 year's experience

Ian began his career as a horticultural consultant in Nelson and Hawkes Bay in the 1970’s. He introduced many innovations into a very traditional sector including integrated pest management and high density cost efficient production systems.

In 1980 Ian went into partnership with a large corporate group and a local  investor to develop a large orchard in Hawkes Bay using a number of leading edge innovations. In 1986 Ian was offered a contract in Auckland to work with a large property development/management group and a share broking company to undertake investment and risk analysis and recommend businesses and properties with the greatest potential for purchase and incorporation into a corporate investment portfolios.
In 1989 he moved to Switzerland where he was based for 3 years and became involved in a number of projects as a market researcher and project manager in both the horticultural and international energy sector. During this time he worked on contracts in many countries in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australasia and was exposed to many new concepts, cultures and innovative practices.

He returned to New Zealand in 1993 and worked in a number of contractual roles in both the energy and horticultural sectors. These contracts involved taking a hands on senior management role to rationalise and improve the turnover and profitability of the businesses concerned. As the General Manager of a specialist international energy services company he played a key role in increasing the company’s turnover from $1.5 million to over $11 million over a six year period and expanding activities in both regional and international markets, in particular South East Asia. He also spent 9 months in Europe during this time, helped establish a small export business, and developed connections with a number of innovative and successful business people in the technology sector. He also was an investor and active stakeholder in an environmental services technology development business.

From 1999 until 2007 Ian worked as an independent contractor in association with some lead business development and transition specialists who dealt with clients in a number of countries. These specialists included Dr Nick Marsh of NEXT Corporation and Denis Gugliotti of The Ripple Effect in Australia. He also worked directly with a number of private clients.  from the public, private and institutional sectors. Ian’s primary role was to assess and improve business and organisational performance by undertaking research into best practice models, undertaking trend analysis and working with groups of stakeholders to reconceive business models and the strategic approaches they were taking. It also involved looking at their current operational models, investment portfolio and opportunity assessment. The stakeholders engaged in these processes included a broad range of interested parties both internally and externally. He was also involved in a number of youth development projects and initiatives.

From 2007 and 2014 Ian was based in the Caribbean where he worked in a diverse range of areas including business development, youth  development, social development, and entrepreneurship and innovation. Project design, best practice research, facilitation, stakeholder engagement, strategy development and implementation were primary focuses. He examined over 200 SME operations in the region to assess their growth prospects and the infrastructure and investment support required. He also completed a comprehensive ‘future fitness’ assessment of more than 50 large and medium size businesses. In addition Ian helped set up three business incubators in the region and managed one of these for 3 years. Ian has an ongoing involvement with several businesses that graduated from the incubator, including as an investor He designed and managed a four year ‘Gen Y’ project which developed support programmes and social network platforms to help young people achieve their aspirations. He also was contracted to design, deliver and work on a number of international development bank and donor agency funded projects throughout the Caribbean region in the commercial, institutional and public sectors.

In late 2014 Ian returned to New Zealand. He is now involved in hands on business development roles on both his own account and with private clients in several different countries. This includes a role with The Bahamas based Marcollie Blue and Premier Boards as a business development partner. He also acts as a voluntary mentor for several small business owners and is also working with a number of iwi and institutional groups in the Far North of New Zealand assisting them with strategic planning and good governance practice as an associate of Navigator   (www.navigatorconnect.com) .

Ian has a Master’s Degree in Science with 1st Class Honours from Massey University. He has worked with clients in over 45 different countries. As a result he is extensively networked locally and internationally and has over 4,000 direct contacts in his personal networks. He is a member of several leading edge international groups  and a registered contractor with Callaghan Innovation/NZTE for the Northland region

Ian Ivey CV